Rebecca Maratta

Hey, my name is Rebecca Maratta. I am 100101 years old :) I will receive my Bachelor's in Information Technology, summa cum laude :) Immediately after I will work on my Master's in IT. Until I receive my Master's, I am currently working on my portfolio of projects on a volunteer basis for different people and companies. After receiving my Master's I will be joining the PeaceCorps for even more experience.

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Rebecca Maratta has many areas of interest in computers, but they relate mostly to sofware and development. My programming experience currently consists of  object-oriented programming, Jave and JavaScript, Python and SQL. I have extensive knowledge in web page and web site design and XML, CSS, HTML and XHTML.  I have knowledge of setting up and maintaning LAN, WAN and VPN networks and network and computer security for personal or business use. With IT security, I am well versed in Project Management, such as planning and policy, auditing, and attack and defense.  I also have experience in SQL and relational databases.


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I am obviously interested in computers. I have been a Shotokan Karate student since I was 18 yrs old and within the last few years I have got back into it seriously. I learned how to fish recently and I enjoy that. My family means a lot to me and I spend most of my free time with them(when I am not studying!).