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Rebecca Maratta, .NET Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Grad Student

Rebecca Maratta's Bio:

My name is Rebecca Maratta. I am a Software Developer, specializing in .NET development. I am a Systems Analyst, which means I observe the processes that are used to complete tasks and examine the technological systems. I use this information to analyze and design new processes and systems to streamline tasks by creating optimized, more efficient and less time-consuming ways to accomplish these functions. This can include the replacement or upgrading of hardware, network and computing devices. It may also include upgrades or the addition of custom IT solutions, including software, database, website or web apps and the interactivity gained through the use of interconnected devices. I am taking my time completing my Master's in Object-Oriented Software Development and Information Systems Security. 

RJM Tech Solutions

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Rebecca Maratta's Interests & Activities:

Technology, animals, mountains, egypt, family

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